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Hearts' Aglow

The aim of Hearts' Aglow is to serve God with all that He has given and to demonstrate the act of love, reverence, gratitude and worship of Him.  It also creates opportunities to groom ladies to reach out and minister to the physical, social and spiritual needs in church and the community.  With this purpose the Hearts' Aglow comprising young ladies to great grandmothers play a very supportive role in church activities to add grace and beauty to the church

A major involvement of the ladies is in the area of food where many can participate.   They provide refreshment after the Service for new comers and church members, and are always on hand to prepare their best dishes on Special Days of the Church like Father’s, Senior Adults, Family Day, and Missions Food Fair Sales.  A great majority also contribute to the teaching, hospitality and worship ministries.  Skills were further honed and confidence increased when one responds to serve.

Meetings were organized in homes for ladies only, for a time to relax and spiritual empowerment.  Friends of the ladies are invited for such get-togethers as there are cooking demonstration, floral arrangement or some other skills of interest.    Talks are normally combined with the Kingsmen Ministry.  Visits to Homes for the Elderly are community projects that the Women's Aglow has undertaken.  Regular visits are also made to church members and contacts especially the elderly, sick and house bound.  Every Friday, the ladies gather from 10 am to intercede for needs in the church, community and country.

Ladies, get connected if you want to grow spiritually and personally.   Contact the church office 03-78063029 for details. Or join our Hearts Aglow Facebook to know our latest events.

Hearts Aglow Retreat 2016

Hearts' Aglow Book Club

**Lovely women ministry: The HEARTS' Aglow**

contributed by Janice Liew

“All who work for God should have the Martha and the Mary attributes blended — a willingness to minister and a sincere love of the truth. Self and selfishness must be put out of sight.

God calls for earnest women workers, workers who are prudent, warmhearted, tender, and true to principle. He calls for persevering women who will take their minds from self . . . and will center them on Christ, speaking words of truth, praying with the persons to whom they can obtain access, laboring for the conversion of souls.”

“Women can be instruments of righteousness, rendering holy service. It was Mary that first preached a risen Jesus

Hearts Aglow 2014

Women's Aglow Day 2011