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The Kingsmen strives to be a vibrant spiritual force for the Kingdom of God by empowering men to
involve themselves through active ministry in the church to meet the needs of the church and the

The men have regular get-togethers by way of formal or informal meetings to spur one another to
attain quality social activity and healthy lifestyle and to foster closer brotherly ties amongst them.
As a result of making a positive difference in each other’s lives they in the process, help each other
deal with the daily pressure through faith in Christ Jesus our Lord.

The Kingsmen have organised health talks and other related topics. A round of golf and other games
have fostered closer friendship among the men. Invitation to their network of friends and families
to the lunches and food fellowship on the Church Special Days provided by the Kingsmen is a way
the men reach out to the community.

(Kings men ministry – Get strong & get going)

Contributed by Janice Liew

Men of character drive real ministry. A great passage on leadership is 1 Samuel 16:7. God told Samuel not to look at a man's outward appearance. God looks at the heart.

What if men of the Church were actively applying their spiritual gifts to the ministries and mission of the church?

A vibrant, Christ-centered, life-changing men's ministry could help bring this vision to reality.