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Gospel Assembly Resource Center

In Gospel Assembly Resource Center (Home School), each student is taught individually, focusing on the areas that he/she may find challenging.

At the primary level, the students build a strong foundation in English, Mathematics and Science using the AOP (Alpha Omega Publication) curriculum (American program).

For students at the secondary level, we offer personalized IGCSE exam preparation for a wide range of academic disciplines. This qualification will allow them to enter local colleges/universities or to go overseas to further their studies.

Languages: English, Bahasa Malaysia
MathematicsMaths, Additional Maths
Science: Biology, Physics, Chemistry
Humanities: History, Geography, Bible Knowledge
Social Science: Economics, Business Studies, Accounting, Travel &Tourism

Which students would benefit from this program?

 Students who want an education conducted in English. (either Malaysians or foreigners)

 Students who want an internationally recognized qualification to enter local or foreign Colleges or Universities.

 Students who prefer an environment that encourages them to learn and ask questions rather than being spoon-fed.

 Students who finds their current school system too rigid. (Not flexible in terms of number and type of subjects)

 Students who are traumatized by teaching styles that are focused on punishments.

 Students who may have reading difficulties. (for example, dyslexia)

 Students who may have learning difficulties due to their family environment.

 Students who are high achievers or slow learners.

 Students who want to resume their education after an interruption in their studies.

 Students who need a loving and caring environment.

We have successfully guided many of our students to take the IGCSE examinations and be accepted into local and foreign Colleges and Universities for A-levels, Foundation Year, Diploma and Skill Development Courses.The above individualized home school curriculum is suitable for fast, average and slow learners and school leavers.

Besides academics, our students are also encouraged to participate in presentations to "stretch" their individual talents and capabilities.

The following is our fees and charges.

For enquiries, please call 03-7806 3029.or email us at
Also visit our Facebook for more information and updates.

GA Resource Center Alumni

These are some of our alumni.

GA Resource Center Alumni

Some of Our Activities

Fellowship Games

Awards Night

YouTube Video

Awards Night 2013

Awards Night 2012

Awards Night 2011

We celebrated our Awards Night and 10th Anniversary on the 12th November 2011. 
It was a night to remember God’s blessings not only for the year 2011, but also throughout the ten years.

The following is a video presentation, to commemorate the 10th Anniversary, which was compiled from the events and presentations from the past 10 years. It is indeed a joy to see how the students have grown in the 10 years and some have graduated and gone to various colleges to pursue further studies.

10th Anniversary

World Vision 

GA Resource Center, together with the Church and Discovery Hour, sponsor children under the World Vision and Desa Amal Jireh programs. In this Child Sponsorship program, we contribute RM600 a year to sponsor a child and his/her community. Each year, in the month of May, the students are encouraged to raise funds to sponsor the children for the whole year. 

GA Resource Centre’s Sponsored Children

Science Workshop

The school also participates in Science workshops organized by Switched-On Resource Center. It is usually conducted at one of the local Colleges.

Science Camp 2012

Sports Carnival 

The school participates in Sports Carnival organized annually by Switched-On Resource Center. It is usually held in the Matsushita Sports Center.