Home School Ministry
The main purpose of the Home School Ministry is to provide the students with spiritual and academic guidance. We believe that it is the parents’ responsibility to instruct their children at home and that the Home School Ministry is to assist the parents. 

Children's Ministry (Discovery Hour)

The goals of the Discovery Hour are to reach out to children in the church & in the surrounding community with the gospel and to disciple children towards maturity in the Christian faith.

Home Cell Ministry
Every alternate Friday or Saturday small groups meet at homes in various locations around the vicinity of the church, and as far as Petaling Jaya, Puchong, and Rahman Putra.   These small groups or Cells are built around different interests, age groups or geographical sectors.   Such informal gatherings at homes provide opportunities to get to know one another better and offer a safe and comfortable environment to discuss share and grow in one’s beliefs.  


Men's Ministry (Kingsmen)
The Kingsmen strives to be a vibrant spiritual force for the Kingdom of God by empowering men to
involve themselves through active ministry in the church to meet the needs of the church and the

Women's Ministry (Women's Aglow)
The aim of Women's Aglow is to serve God with all that He has given and to demonstrate the act of love, reverence, gratitude and worship of Him.  It also creates opportunities to groom ladies to reach out and minister to the physical, social and spiritual needs in church and the community.  With this purpose the Women's Aglow comprising young ladies to great grandmothers play a very supportive role in church activities to add grace and beauty to the church 

Youth Ministry (GAYA)
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